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I will build a real estate bot for facebook, instagram and  website using Mrbotbot

    PLEASE MESSAGE ME BEFORE ORDERING AND FREE CONSULTATION If you receive a lot of DMs on your INSTAGRAM account everyday, then no worries we have a solution for you I will create any type of Facebook ,Instagram and website ChatBot for your Business!   What you will get:  
  • I will design your conversation flow based on your business needs.
  • Auto-respond to story mentions.
  • Comment growth tool Integration. Automatically send message to users who comment on your post
  • We can send Leads through Automation with different CRMs using zapier
  Work process:  
  • Send me a Message for your FREE consultation services
  • I will research your business and then i will give you the plan for you.
  • According to your business i will design the engaging conversational script for you
  • Once the bot has been approved from your side, I will transfer it to your bot account.
  Your Benefit:  
  • Increase sales 3x
  • From IT to sales, it can respond to anything
  • Helps to search information

Educational Details

Bachelor in Computer Science

  • University Technology Mara

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