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I will build a sosial poster chatbot for facebook, instagram and  website using Mrbotbot

    Please lease message me before ordering so i can guide you which package and platform would be best for your business.  
  • Welcome Here!
  • I am a professional Chatbot Developer. I have created 100+ Chatbots for different niches! So basically what you are looking for is one click away from you, all you have to do is message me so we can get started!
  Few Niches we have covered are:  
  • Lead Capture Chat bot for Real Estate Agents
  •  Credit Repair & Booking Consultation
  •  Mortgage and Loan Calculator bot
  • Online Shopping Cart
  • Health / Gym Fitness Lead Capture
  • Restaurants & Food Ordering
  •  E-Commerce Chat bot
  • Car Dealer & Test Drive Booking
  • Healthcare
  • Chat bot for Coaches
  • Appointment Booking or Call Booking bot
  Why us?!    
  • We prefer quantity over quality for better working relationship so we are never going to leave your unsatisfied!. We have tons of experience at what we do and tons of templates for your business.

Educational Details

Bachelor in Media and Programming

  • University Utara Malaysia

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